Outpatient Services

YDC is a licensed outpatient provider for children and their families.  We offer behavioral health counseling for children and youth, and their parents / caregivers. *We are currently only accepting Medicaid*.

YDC clinicians work with children of all ages and their families to address emotional, social, and behavioral difficulties including, but not limited to:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Depression
  3. ADHD
  4. Social skills development
  5. Aggressive behaviors
  6. Foster care / adoption related issues
  7. Challenges w/ school adjustment
  8. Trauma
  9. Grief and Loss counseling

  10. We offer Individual and Family Therapy.
  11. Our staff includes Doctoral and Masters level Psychologists.
  12. Play therapy and parent consultation may be included as part of the services.
  13. We provide bilingual counseling in Spanish and Creole.
  14. *Information on transportation can be provided for Medicaid approved clients*


YDC, an approved Medicaid clinic that provides individual and family therapy.  Evidence-based psychotherapy services address a range of child and family issues including trauma, family conflict, school adjustment, anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, and mild autism spectrum disorders.


YDC provides DCPP- referred psychological evaluations including court – ordered evaluations. Psychological evaluations are provided for children receiving services through Medicaid, when clinically indicated.

Consultation Services

Trained YDC staff will work with your school for program support and evaluation.  Mental and behavioral health consultation services include conducting a needs assessments, program design and implementation, staff trainings and workshops, clinical staff supervision, and program support and evaluation.  We offer teacher consultation regarding classroom management, including Functional Behavior Assessment and the implementation of behavioral strategies, staff coaching and modeling, student behavior planning

Training / Workshops

YDC brings professional services directly into the communities. YDC’s mental health and prevention services utilize clinically tested and proven methodologies for children in schools and other child – based programs. The goal is to improve children’s healthy decision making, overall social functioning, and to develop appropriate strategies to address their problems.

YDC will provide staff with trainings/workshops on issues related to child and adolescent  functioning and success. YDC provides ongoing consultation and supervision to improve their effectiveness when working with children at-risk.

Find out more about training and workshops.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Training

Staff Trainings: YDC provides a series of trainings to all staff and administrators who will be involved in working with the children. Topics include Behavior Disorders in Children, Behavior Management, Classroom/Physical structure for students with ASD, Learning Strategies.

Early Intervention Program

Using classroom observations and teacher consultations, YDC staff design and apply intervention models to promote positive behavior in the classroom.

In-school counseling for special education students

YDC is responding to the needs of students by providing in-school counseling and support services. Many of these students have behavioral difficulties that may have required out-of-district placement in the past, however, with the comprehensive services and programs that we provide, these students can now be kept in –district. This again allows school districts to stay in compliance with the LRE while providing the necessary supports for the child to receive educational services in their local schools.

Child Study Team

Since 1982 we have been working at public and non-public schools.

YDC offers pre evaluation, full  team evaluations, eligibility conference, and Individual Education Plans utilizing our state certified psychologists, social workers, and Learning Disability Teacher Consultants (LDTC).

Bilingual evaluations are  available.

We provide these services at the school during or after school hours.

Consultation for section 504 plan development

CST overflow

Training Programs for Advanced Degree Professionals
YDC works with master’s level psychologists, providing clinical staff supervision for practica, internships, and accreditation programs.